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We are a tech company specialising in Chrome extensions. We develop intuitive extensions that seamlessly integrate with the browser and provide a range of functionalities which includes search results by Microsoft Bing.

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BoomBox Chrome Extension


Boombox is a music discovery Chrome Extension created for music fans to get the latest on their favourite artists. Download Boombox and get updates on upcoming gigs, events, music releases and hottest news in music. New Tab search results by Microsoft Bing

By clicking CTA, I accept and agree to installing the ‘BoomBox’ Chrome extension, and setting ChromeTM New Tab to that provided by the service, New Tab search results by Microsoft Bing, and to the Terms of Use and Privacy Policy.

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Humaniti enables you to save and share GIFs, memes, and stickers on your social media accounts and during Google Meet calls. Make your online conversations more engaging and entertaining with Humaniti.

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Humaniti Chrome Extension
BoomBox Chrome Extension


Vacay is a Google Chrome Extension tailored specifically for travel enthusiasts and adventurers. Users can easily access information on the best hotels, the most affordable flights, and can stay updated with the latest news related to their chosen travel location.

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